Private Residence

Madison, WI


After initially studying a design for a new home on a suburban lot, the newlywed owners decided to stay in their existing home. The project involved removing a

poorly built first floor garage and bedroom and building an addition for new living spaces including, kitchen, sun room, bathroom and two bedrooms.  A two-car garage was built into the sloped site via using exposed  concrete retaining walls.


The client had three objectives beyond satisfying space needs: change the image of their home to a more contemporary one; preserve the existing gardens; and improve energy performance.


To accomplish these objectives the following were developed: The original shape of the home was retained but the siding and windows were replaced in a cleaner form; A bold roof form was introduced;  Placement of the addition where construction was removed; and Incorporation of new wall and roof insulation, sun shades and an upgraded HVAC system.

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