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Private Residence

Madison, WI


This addition and renovation realized the goals of creating a pottery studio, welcoming entry, useable garage and first-floor laundry.


The plan is premised on a simple plan with “cut-outs” front and bac. The front cut-out creates a covered front entry, marked by a fun green front door while the rear counterpart is a covered porch off the pottery studio and firepit patio. The “pottery porch” features a custom designed translucent roof, which provides diffused natural light to the porch and studio. The studio features a vaulted ceiling, direct and indirect lighting, and a storage loft. The garage also has a storage loft, providing long needed storage space.


The exterior architecture is premised on creating a “story” of marrying the existing and new portions. While the original hip roof is retained (and “stretched” for the over the new entry), the addition features a gable roof. The existing house now features horizonal engineered wood siding to complement the original divided lite windows while the addition has the same horizontal siding but also a more modern metal panel treatment at the gables..


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