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I can enthusiastically recommend Todd and Barnett Architecture for your next project.


Our project was anything but typical for a non-profit organization.  Through 8 years of planning & fundraising, 4 board presidents, a global pandemic, supply chain issues, and hyperinflation, Todd Barnett was a constant source of positivity, creativity, and institutional knowledge.  Ridgewood Pool 2.0 opened in summer of 2023 to setup the next 50 years of summer fun.  Todd was instrumental in keeping the project moving forward through design and construction. 


We had a difficult design with many starts and stops.  We also needed to align our scope to our budget, both of which were moving targets.  This necessitated the exploration of countless design and construction options.  Todd was patient with our team and was never hesitant to explore one more option for the good of the project.  He has a great eye for detail. 


Todd operated as an Owner’s representative during construction, ensuring that our team understood the impacts of our decisions on budget, functionality, maintenance, and longevity.  He also saw to it that we made decisions on a timeline that would not create delays.  As challenges arose, Todd was there with us to meet them with us head-on to develop a plan to move forward.


His commitment to the project went far beyond a contract.  He believed in the mission of our organization and project.  He worked tirelessly to see the project become reality.  I can confidently say that many design professionals may have suffered severe project fatigue with our long design and fundraising timeline.  Not Todd.  He was the one constant through our entire project.  Ridgewood Pool was lucky to have him on our team.


Ridgewood Pool

Madison, W

We couldn't be happier with Todd Barnett’s expertise and guidance throughout our recent home renovation! From the very beginning, Todd was great to work with. He was attentive and really made sure he understood our vision, before making it a reality. Todd not only guided us through the process of our home renovation, but he also helped connect us with trusted professionals to assure the project was completed properly and in a timely manner.

  • Impeccable attention to detail: Todd's meticulous approach ensured that every aspect of the renovation, from the layout to the materials, was carefully considered and beautifully executed.

  • Excellent communication: He kept us informed throughout the entire process, promptly addressing any questions or concerns we had. We always felt involved and in control of the project.

  • Professionalism: [He/She] was consistently professional, reliable, and met all deadlines.


The result is a stunning and functional home that perfectly reflects our style and needs. We highly recommend Todd to anyone considering a home renovation.

K.W. and C.H.

Madison, WI

Barnett Architecture was a perfect fit for our home additions! We hired Todd and Sarah to design an art studio, as well as a new home entrance, laundry, back porch and garage to our existing home. The challenge was to make everything aesthetically pleasing while also creating a natural flow and purpose to the spaces. They created many iterations and really opened our minds to possibilities we couldn’t have imagined within the confines of our spaces. Together we came to a decision that was perfect for us. Todd and Sarah followed through with a beautiful design, tailored to our tastes down to the smallest detail of a water chain flowing onto a beautiful rock on the back porch.


Todd met with us regularly and we were impressed with his organization, communication, flexibility and creativity. He has an eye for all parts of a home’s design and down to the smallest details. Beyond his professional qualifications, Todd demonstrated great patience, kindness, and generosity throughout the experience. He was a true pleasure to work with. 

J.B and T.W.

Madison, WI

We started working with Todd and Sarah in 2018 after purchasing an odd-shaped lot in Madison with lots of trees and even more mosquitos. We had a detailed list of what we wanted in our new house, but little clues on how to create a coherent design that would integrate the existing trees and limit the noise from a busy street.


The design process was truly collaborative. Todd and Sarah gave us a lot of freedom to propose ideas and were very good at coming up with multiple options to meet our goals and budget. Building a house is a million decisions' process, and Todd was involved at every stage: from design and budgeting to construction and landscaping. At the building stage, Todd was a terrific advocate, always available to talk or visit on short notice. We couldn’t be happier with the house. Not only does it look great and is extremely functional, but it feels like it was meant for the site.

JFH and KG

Madison, WI


We approached Todd at the recommendation of a colleague when we were preparing to remodel our 1949 colonial in the Nakoma neighborhood of Madison.  We had a lot of things on our wish list for the remodel of our very average house with our primary expectation to expand the first-floor living space to accommodate lifestyle changes.  Because Todd and his associate, Sarah Canon, listened so intently to all of the details that we mentioned along the way, they were able to creatively maneuver the colonial floorplan to a much more open space while honoring the vintage of the home, which was something we cared about.  The array of design options they derived from our conversations changed our expectations from “let’s make this space work better for our current needs” to “yes, let’s make this look fabulous!”


We are thrilled with the outcome and grateful for Todd’s commitment to follow up at each step of the construction with adjustments and to ensure that our expectations were met.  We also found Sarah’s keen design sense invaluable in the transformation of our property.   We recommend Barnett Architecture without hesitation and are happy to provide more detailed information to anyone considering their services.

LL and JH

Madison, WI


We interviewed Todd and Sarah to help us with a whole-home renovation and it didn’t take long for us to feel comfortable entrusting them with our project.  From our first meeting it was clear that they were a rare combination - knowledgeable, talented architects who were also down-to earth and approachable.  It was evident just how closely they had listened to our thoughts about our “ideal house” when they presented us with a multitude of inventive design options that carefully considered our lifestyle and aesthetic.  


Throughout the actual building process, Todd and Sarah were patient and engaged.  They were invaluable in helping us navigate all the tricky parts of home renovation.  They enthusiastically helped us with decisions large and small, tirelessly revised designs, and even assisted us in navigating budgetary hurdles.  Todd and Sarah honestly felt like supportive friends that also happened to be incredible architects.


We are thrilled with our new home and can truly look back and say we checked off all the boxes on our wish list.  We have received compliments on our remodel from friends, neighbors, and passers-by and each time, we gladly give accolades to Todd and Sarah.  We’re so happy we trusted them to help transform our “starter home” to our “dream home” and couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

CK and ZF

Madison, WI



Todd helped us to remodel a home we recently purchased. The full remodel was our first, and it was extensive. Todd helped us really define our vision and the scope, which included making a closed main level into one big space with a new kitchen, adding two full bathrooms, and a master bed addition, as well as updates for functionality.


Throughout the process Todd was an excellent listener and a trusted adviser. He was able to translate our style, wants and needs on to paper, and helped us to think through many possible implications and opportunities for the design. 


Like all big projects there were twists and turns along the way. What we really appreciated about Todd was his honesty, creativity and proactive work style. If there were surprises, he was always ready with a way forward or a way around, and that way was usually better than the original idea!


We love our home and are very happy to have our young family here.  

SH and MH

Middleton, WI


Our experience with Barnett Architecture has been nothing short of fantastic.  As a non-profit outdoor pool in much need of a complete renovation, we approached Barnett Architecture with little insight to what our project would require and involve. Todd Barnett is everything you would hope for in an architect—creative, reliable, approachable, professional.  Above all else, his approach makes the entire design and planning process enjoyable.  Todd and his team have guided us through our renovation process with detailed instruction, thoughtful suggestions and continual attention to details.


I would recommend him strongly as you consider your own project needs.

John McCartney

President, Ridgewood Pool

Madison, WI


Todd designed our from-scratch dream house about 18 months ago: a modern farmhouse in a secluded setting with views over an idyllic pond. This was the fourth house that my wife and I had either built or totally renovated/reconfigured. While we had definite opinions about what we wanted in our new house, we also knew that we needed a talented architect to partner with, someone who would challenge us - gently probing us with critical questions about sight lines, natural light, interior balance and functionality. Todd and his partner, Sarah, did this for us so much more. They were terrific.


If we ever decide to build a fifth house, Todd Barnett would be the first person that we’d call. He’s great.

AB and LB

New Castle, NY


"Todd is a creative, dedicated, and professional architect who went above and beyond to help us with two projects in Madison.  He is very easy to work with and it was a pleasure to work him on two projects in a historical district in Madison.  He was able to think outside the box and implement our vision during the design phase of our project while working with the relevant authorities to take us as far as we were willing to go. 


We hope to do another project with Todd and the rest of the team at Barnett Architecture in the near future and would wholly recommend him to anyone not looking to make a cookie cutter project.

MC and EC

Stamford, CT


It was a pleasure to work with Todd, in our recent renovations at the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired.  He was incredibly attentive to the unique needs of designing welcoming and accessible space for people who are blind or visually impaired that is also aesthetically lovely for our sighted visitors and staff. Throughout the design process, Todd was creative in finding ways to show us plans in an accessible manner, often drawing them darker or using very clear visual descriptions, so that we knew precisely what he was proposing.

I can confidently highly recommend Todd’s design work and his ability to connect with clients.

Denise Jess

CEO/Executive Director

WI Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired


We approached Barnett Architecture in the late summer of 2017 on the recommendation of a mutual friend.  We asked if they could take a sketch we had drawn for a new house and improve it—making sure the space use was most efficient and the traffic flows worked well.  Our project offered a few of its own challenges.  The house had to be small, had to make as much use of solar gain potential as possible, had to accommodate an aging in place scenario, had to include a separate living space for a family member and had to take the best advantage of a view into a park from a very narrow building site. It seemed to us from the start that Todd and Sarah relished the challenge and they proved to be well up to the task.  Over a series of meetings they presented drawings with options we had not considered.   They were attentive to our concerns, patient with our objections and respectful of our goals and limitations.  The final drawing they gave us honored the spirit of our original sketch while improving it substantially.  We were very pleased with every detail of their final plan and with all or our interactions with them.  Todd and Sarah are very approachable, competent and professional.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and would recommend them without reservation to anyone in need of architectural service

BH and LB

Mt. Horeb, WI


Todd Barnett went over and above what is called for with respect to architectural services.


He provided crucial insights into the design phase, strategic planning and the overall concept realization of our dream project. It was extremely enjoyable working through the process with him as he does an excellent job of listening as well as implementing ideas that come from the client. He is very client centered in his work process.


I guess one of the best things you could say about your architect was that at the end of the project they are your friend.


Madison, WI


I highly and strongly recommend Todd Barnett for any architectural job.

Todd is professional and a pleasure to work with, offers creative and out of the box ideas and is very knowledgeable with updated building codes and legal issues as they affect design and construction. Honesty and integrity are two of his strong points. He invests his entire heart and soul in the work he does as if it was his own.

You can rest assured for a pleasant ride from beginning to end until the project materializes.

Rabbi Aron Schimmel

Chabad of NE Iowa


We had a few hurdles to overcome on designCraft's building, zoning-wise, and couldn't have managed it all without Todd. He kept our project moving forward, and our spirits buoyed. He knew who to speak with and how to provide the information they requested. At various points he conferred with a building code specialist and an engineer on our behalf, and successfully earned a facade grant from the City of Madison for a part of our project.


The most memorable part of working with Todd, besides his wit, was sitting at the table as he sketched ideas right in front of us. He'd ask a question or two, then pull another length of canary sketch paper out and pencil in the facade with a new feature. That's where we first glimpsed the barn door, and the fin, and the colored panels. His unassuming way of inviting you into the creative process disguises his genius. Somehow those colored pencil sketches became a building that literally causes passers-by to stop and share their admiration. We highly rec

ommend Todd Barnett.

Yvette Jones and John Lombardo

designCraft Advertising

Madison, WI




My husband and I are passionate cooks and wanted to remodel our kitchen. When we started exploring our likes/dislikes about our house, we could only say that we liked the location (and neighbors!). After exploring a move versus a complete tear down versus a remodel, we ended up interviewing a few architects.

We chose Barnett Architecture without reservation. Todd and Sarah were creative, enthusiastic, understanding of our fixed budget and thoroughly accommodating! They were the only architects that seemed to think outside the box. Todd was always considerate in asking us if we wanted his opinion (which we did!) but never felt that we had to take his advice. We relied on Todd and Sarah's expertise and the input from our building contractor, who has worked with Barnett Architecture on countless projects.

There were many times what we would adjust our plans and Todd would just roll with the changes while keeping in mind our overall costs.  There were even times when we suggested a change and Todd reminded us that we could do something similar but keep the project at the projected cost.

I find it rare to work with a business that truly cares about their customer as much as Todd and Sarah do--from design concept to site visits to keeping in budget to added personal touches. I highly recommend this firm!

Our project is near completion and people have literally stopped and oohed and aahed about it. We converted a single 1950's ranch into a modern house with a second story; it is an entirely new house all while keeping the basic footprint.

TB and SB

Madison, WI


On behalf of all the conservation partners who came together to permanently protect the Eggleston-Muir property in Marquette County, thank you very much for donating your services to design the roof over the remnant of the Eggleston barn wall as well as the kiosk. Both are very complementary additions to the John Muir Homestead Landscape - several people have commented to me how nicely they fit into their surroundings (even though the surroundings are still a bit rough with just annual oats rather than prairie grasses so far).

Your design created the impression I was hoping for.

Jim Welsh, Executive Director

National Heritage Land Trust



Todd Barnett, ALA, has served as our architect for two different projects and we are pleased to recommend him to others.


In 2011, Mr. Barnett was selected through our RFP requesting consulting architectural services to assess the nature of our Meeting House and to make recommendations for improvements in functionality and to provide options and cost range estimates for remodeling and/or expansion.  He provided measured drawings, documented current building usage, and provided a series of scenarios and cost-range estimates for potential building expansion.


In 2014 and 2015 he served as the architect for a significant remodeling of our four bedroom house to transform it into office and meeting space for our congregation.


The second project resulted in an extremely attractive and flexible "Annex" for our congregation. It involved rearrangement of rooms, window bump-outs, increased storage, handicap accessibility (ramps, entries and restroom) and an open plan kitchen. Deliverables included design and construction drawings, cost estimates, bidding documents, city permits and contractor supervision. The project was both on time and within budget.


Todd skillfully dealt with committees on both projects, listening carefully to our needs, internal disputes and priorities and delivered excellent planning and design services. He is an excellent planner, designer and project manager. The delivered products met our needs perfectly.


We recommend Todd Barnett both as a consulting and design architect because he was able to help us achieve our objectives on both projects.

Tom Robinson, Chair

Annex Remodeling Committee

Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society

Madison, WI


For a few years we searched for a modern/contemporary style home. Each time that we found a home that we liked, it was either outside of our budget or outside of our desired neighborhood.
We started thinking that if we could find a property on a great lot, we could transform it into our dream home. That is when we realized that we would likely need the help of an architect.

We purchased a foreclosure in our neighborhood, across from a city park with great views and southern exposure. We were very excited about the possibilities; we considered razing the home and rebuilding from the ground up, as well as an addition/major remodel. As soon as we closed on the property, we contacted Todd Barnett. We had seen an example of Todd’s architectural work on a home tour a few years earlier, and felt that he would understand our vision.

From our very first meeting with Todd, we felt confident that he would be great to work with. Todd is very attentive, patient, thoroughly answered all of our questions, and explained the entire process, as well as what to expect. Todd is creative, possesses a wealth of knowledge and great ideas, but is also always willing to incorporate our notions, the use of alternative materials, help us stay on track, and

achieve the goal within our budget.

We decided to keep the “bones” of the house, planned a remodel and incorporated an addition for extra space. Todd guided us through the survey, permitting, and design process – and even provided builder recommendations.

We are thrilled with the final design and construction phase; we can hardly wait to move into our new home!  Every step of the process with Todd has been a learning experience and he has made it enjoyable.  Todd has been a great collaborator and has been absolutely instrumental in the planning of our project as well as seeing it come to fruition. From the start, we have been delighted to have Todd involved with our project.

In addition to his professionalism, Todd is very personable - he is a genuine, good guy who clearly has

a passion for his work. I enthusiastically recommend Todd!

AL and BK

Madison, WI




We had a wonderful experience working with Todd and Sarah to design our house.  From the project's inception through construction, Todd and Sarah clearly explained each phase of the process.  We appreciated and enjoyed the emphasis on collaboration at the heart of their approach to working with clients.  Todd and Sarah were particularly adept at striking the proper balance between soliciting our input, making suggestions, and steering the design process.  They were also wonderful throughout the construction itself, making regular site visits, working with our contractors at every step, and responding to all of our many questions.


Thanks to their attentiveness and skill, Todd and Sarah were able to transform our fuzzy vision into a house with which we are truly delighted.

NK and SE

Madison, WI



It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. You were incredibly accommodating to us given that we were working from a distance and almost totally distracted by university business. We have received such wonderful comments from family, friends and even total strangers about the transformation of the house. Not only is it physically appealing, it meets all of our needs for living in it on a daily basis.

We enjoyed the process of design and construction (well, most of it anyway...the wrong carpet was installed and the construction weather delays!) and rate the collaboration with you and Sarah as highly successful. We end with best wishes for your continued success!

SV and PO

Madison, WI


Barnett Architecture was the perfect fit for us as we took on the daunting task of complete renovation & updating of our mid-century ranch home in Shorewood Hills. When we purchased the house it had been neglected and uninhabited for several years. We had a vision for what we felt the home could become, but knew that with our lack of experience in homebuilding an architect and general contractor would be a must. Upon first meeting with Todd, his easy going and genuine style made us feel comfortable and we knew we had found someone we could work with. As an architect he has incredible attention to detail and a creative energy that resulted in many design touches (big and small) on the project which has made the house something we’re extremely proud of.


Something that helped us out tremendously was Todd’s role as liaison between the builder and ourselves regarding construction scheduling, material decisions etc… Todd’s ability to translate technical building terminology allowed us to make the best, informed decisions without bias.


His partner, Sarah Canon also played an integral role during the project with a focus on color schemes and designing a large interior built-in.


We would highly recommend Barnett Architecture for your next residential project.

MO and MO

Madison, WI



We worked with Todd on the gut renovation of our vacation home. He added tremendous value, seeing things in our home that we couldn't see ourselves; identifying creative options that, while we had stewed over the project for years, we didn't imagine. The results far exceeded our expectations and, as importantly, came well within our budget. Kudos to Todd for helping us through this.

AB and LZ

East Hampton, NY




We purchased a foreclosure in our neighborhood, across from a city park with great views and southern exposure. We were very excited about the possibilities; we considered razing the home and rebuilding from the ground up, as well as an addition/major remodel. As soon as we closed on the property, we contacted Todd Barnett.


We had seen an example of Todd’s architectural work on a home tour a few years earlier, and felt that he would understand our vision.


From our very first meeting with Todd, we felt confident that he would be great to work with. Todd is very attentive, patient, thoroughly answered all of our questions, and explained the entire process, as well as what to expect. Todd is creative, possesses a wealth of knowledge and great ideas, but is also always willing to incorporate our notions, the use of alternative materials, help us stay on track, and achieve the goal within our budget.


We decided to keep the “bones” of the house, planned a remodel and incorporated an addition for extra space. Todd guided us through the survey, permitting, and design process – and even provided builder recommendations.


We are thrilled with the final design and construction phase; we can hardly wait to move into our new home! Every step of the process with Todd has been a learning experience and he has made it enjoyable. Todd has been a great collaborator and has been absolutely instrumental in the planning of our project as well as seeing it come to fruition. From the start, we have been delighted to have Todd involved with our project.


In addition to his professionalism, Todd is very personable - he is a genuine, good guy who clearly has a passion for his work.


I enthusiastically recommend Todd!


Madison, WI




We contacted Todd several years ago as we began planning to build what would be a house that was a bit unusual. We wanted to do a high-performance house modeled on the principles of the German passivhaus, or Passive house. We chose to work with Todd because he was familiar with the concept of passive house and he was also quite familiar with the “Not so big house” design approach popularized in the book series by Sarah Susanka.


Todd helped us work through several design options and worked with us in a very inclusive, collaborative way. He made many good suggestions and was easy and fun to work with.  He clearly has a passion for architecture and broad knowledge of home construction. I would say his aesthetic leans more modern than traditional, but that was a perfect fit for us. We recommend him highly.

BK and LK

Madison, WI


We are a small American Jewish community in central Mexico, just beginning to establish ourselves more permanently in our adopted city by building a cemetery and shul. We were very fortunate to have met Todd Barnett several years ago, who has graciously helped us with drawings and renderings for our proposed BeitOlam recently (and has contributed ideas for a proposed renovation of a house we are seeking to purchase for a modestBeitK’nesset/Jewish Community Center).


His friendly professionalism was greatly appreciated by our Board of Directors, and although we are still only in the planning stages of our projects and have not yet had the opportunity to see any follow-up, we would nevertheless recommend him highly.

Dan Lessner

Chesma. A.C.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico




Todd did excellent work designing our remodel/addition. Cars driving down the street in front of our house slow and often stop, just to see what was created on a small lot on the near west side of Madison.


Todd's design was whimsical (I love his design style, even if I tease him about "what's that for?"), functional, and his services were economical too!

JB and MI

Madison, WI




“San Miguel de Allende is a small town in Mexico where serendipity often strikes. When I met Todd Barnett at a café with long shared tables, I was looking at architectural plans for a house we’re considering building (OK, Todd – here’s a confession. I pulled them out of my backpack when I heard you telling another woman you were an architect, hoping you’d ask to see them – which you did!).

Todd spent some time that morning looking over them and making some slight, but important changes, which have all now been incorporated into the design and have improved it – slight changes like the placement of a window at the top of a staircase, moving the refrigerator so out of view from the main entry, making a larger kitchen pantry and eliminating cabinetry to save money, etc.


After he left sunny San Miguel to return to the snowy north, he continued to think about my project, send some suggestions and sketches and think about possible solutions to some issues (like too much sun exposure).


The other coincidence was that he’d not only heard of Maharishi Sthapatya Vedic architecture but had actually been to Fairfield, Iowa to see homes constructed using those principles. He also advocated ideas from some books I’ve read and often refer to: The Not So Big House and Building the Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka.

In the end, I offered to send Todd some fees or at least a Starbucks card – both of which he refused. I’m hoping by the time he comes back next year, we’ve broken ground and maybe even have a finished house to shown him.

Last thing – I think he would be a great architect to work with on a project. He’d listen to our input and not try to force his design ideas on us. Also, seems to be an honest, sincere person.

Thanks, Todd! Hope to see you soon here in sunny SMA.”


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico




When we had outgrown our house, Todd and Sarah provided an invaluable service in helping us to decide whether to renovate or move. We loved our neighborhood and property, but we weren't sure if we could turn our house into our dream home with the budget available. Todd and Sarah were fun, creative, honest, professional, and quick to provide us with a rough sketch and estimate of the renovation possibilities, including an amazing treehouse!


Though we did move in the end, they helped to give us the peace of mind that we were making the right decision.


Madison, WI



We hired Barnett Architecture after careful research, both theirs and ours! We were interviewed as carefully by Todd as we interviewed him, as he wanted to make sure we would have as positive a working relationship as possible. It was a wonderful relationship! He and his partner are both imaginative, respectful, collaborative, generous with time and ideas, economical and principled. We remodeled/rebuilt an old summer cottage into a year-round home. Todd was instrumental/essential in dealing with our local building commission and permitting process, and sometimes difficult and hard-to-fathom restrictions.


He always made time for us, gently steered us back to the best path when we strayed, and took as much pride in our completed home as we do. Highly recommend this firm.

BH and JH

Caledonia, WI



My husband and I had worked with an architect once before. It was hard work and ended with a terrific plan. It came in at 2x our budget….it never got built. This time we had an early 1900’s four square in need of much love and attention. We are now very happily and comfortably living in it thanks to Todd and Sarah. They were good listeners. They entertained my wildest ideas, but ultimately were very sensitive to the way we live.


Our home has been transformed and updated. Our 3 adult children and 2 big dogs all have space. I was even able to have a few of the fun built in features that I wanted. Best of all we could afford it.

BN and MB

Eagle, WI




“On Friday, it will be one year since we moved into our "new" home. I remember the very first meeting we had when I told you I wanted to walk into my house every evening and say "ahhh" and feel that I was where I most wanted to be. And I do! Every night when I come through the door I think how much we love living here and how perfect it all is. We want you to know how much we appreciate all you did to make that happen.


From the beginning, you and Sarah both grasped the idea that we really did want to keep things small, to make the house perfect but not huge. You didn't encourage us to expand the footprint, to add things we didn't need, or to incorporate "extras" that weren't necessary. What we have is exactly what we wanted; every area of our home has a purpose and is daily used and enjoyed. We always appreciated your availability, your creativity, and your willingness to listen to and incorporate our ideas. Your sensitivity to the history and age of the house meant a lot. I am glad you encouraged us to be true to the character of our home and to incorporate as many of the historical aspects as possible. We love the original beams in the fireplace room and the light pole made from reclaimed wood. I especially appreciate the stone archway between the addition and the original house. As you know, I am all about symmetry and I absolutely love it every time I walk through that area. It is so in harmony with both the past and the future of this home.


Thank you, also, for helping me with the decisions I found hardest. It would have been very difficult to choose the millwork without your guidance. I also appreciated your help with the light fixtures. Everything ties together so perfectly and is so consistent with the age and feel of the house. Further, I had no idea how important it is to have just the right color paint for the various areas. One of my favorite times of the day is the morning, when the sunlight streams in from the east and the walls seem to glow!


Although we are not planning on ever moving, there are things we would eventually like to do with the other buildings on the property. You will be the first person we call when we get to that stage. You have shown us the value of involving an architect from the earliest point and look forward to again utilizing your imagination and guidance. Please feel free to list us as a reference for future clients as we would be very happy to give you our highest recommendation.

CH and BC

Mequon, WI




I cannot thank you and Sarah enough for the outstanding work you did on our East Hampton addition. Having tried to engage a local firm first to design our 600+ square foot wing, I continually found myself dissatisfied with the design elements or lack thereof. I found that you listened to my concerns, and the results shone through perfectly on the finished product. The varying roof lines, the lighting, the list goes on and on. You created what could easily have looked like a trailer attached to the house to a seamless and perfect transition. The most telling compliment I continue to get is that the addition does not look like one at all, and that is a testament to you.

IL and RB

East Hampton, NY




It is with pleasure that I share the experience of the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center with Todd Barnett and Barnett Architecture.


I serve as the Director for the Wil-Mar Neighborhood center and we commissioned Todd to prepare a short and limited study (which became more detailed and thorough than ever expected) to investigate renovation and addition plans for our forty year-old facility. The study included developing a new building program, creating a new and improved performance space, creating a stronger indoor-outdoor connection/neighborhood presence, reclaiming historic qualities of the existing structure while still having a forward-thinking design, improving the energy performance and preparing a preliminary cost estimate.


Todd met regularly with our Committee, always with a wide range of ideas and and a roll of sketch paper in hand to generate new ones. In part because Todd is an excellent listener, he balanced our needs within the parameters of the existing building with care and sensitivity. The resulting design meets our goals. On top of that, he was fun to work with. We will now take on, with confidence, our next stage of the project: a capital campaign, working with the neighborhood and hopefully, full design (with Todd) and construction.


I highly recommend Todd and his firm.

Gary Kallas, Director

The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center

Madison, WI




Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society has used the professional services of Todd Barnett, ALA, and is pleased to recommend him to others.


Mr. Barnett was selected as a result of his prompt and concise response to our RFP requesting consulting architectural services.  He was asked to assess the nature of our current Meeting House and to make recommendations for improvements in functionality and to provide options and cost-range estimates for remodeling and/or expansion.


Todd met with us and listened carefully to our needs and priorities.  He initially provided measured drawings of our building, documented current usage, and presented preliminary findings and recommendations for improvements that could be made without remodeling.  He then produced a series of scenarios for potential building expansion for our review.  The final product was a set of two potential expansion floor plans along with cost-range estimates for each.


Todd is both an excellent planner and designer.   He fully understood that we were in need of information on a range of costs and expansion options that could be used for long-range planning purposes.  He is a good listener and did not try to sell us on services beyond those of the consulting contract.  The delivered products met our needs perfectly.


We recommend Todd Barnett both as a consulting and as a design architect.  He has vision and the ability to communicate and inspire his clients to realize their dreams for the future.

Al Nettleton, Housing and Property Committee Chair

Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society

Madison, WI




Prior to contacting Barnett Architecture LLC, we had done a fair amount of independent research on home remodeling--we had watched the TV shows and read the books and magazines. Frankly, the result of that process was more, not less, confusion. We knew that the existing layout of our master bedroom suite just didn't "work." Despite our research, we had no idea how to make it better. We consulted an architect from a design/build firm we had worked with previously; the only thing we took away from that meeting was confirmation that the original layout of our space was illogical, without any solid ideas for how to improve the space. The consultation just left us feeling discouraged. We had devoted considerable time to a process, and felt we had nothing to show for it.


Our consultation with Barnett Architecture, LLC was completely different. During our previous meeting with an architect, our master bedroom suite was declared "weird" with no real discussion of what we wanted or what our issues with the current space were. With Todd and Sarah, the first hour was spent walking through our entire house, listening to what we wanted, what worked and didn't work in the space, without any judgments offered. Observing the process of the Charrette was fascinating. The sheer number of ideas Todd and Sarah generated in a matter of less than an hour was remarkable. Sorting through the options generated quickly yielded a design that we (and the previous architect!) hadn't been able to see, but was now so utterly obvious in its simplicity and logic. 


We had a wonderful experience working with Barnett Architecture LLC, and look forward to implementing their design.

JK and MK

Madison, WI




I find Todd and Sarah to be easy people to work with. They are creative, tactful, gentle yet, forthcoming and are good listeners.  Todd and Sarah are very good communicators. 


I highly recommend them.


Sun Prairie, WI




When I decided to remodel my kitchen I was torn on if I should engage an architect in addition to my builder/designer/general contractor.  When I met with Todd he provided a range of options on how he could support my project.  The project went from just remodeling the kitchen to basically remodeling the whole first floor including kitchen, mudroom/laundry room, bathroom, sunroom, and deck.  Barnett Architecture provided draft layout options throughout the project and worked seamlessly with my general contractor on discussing the pros/cons of different layout options.  I appreciated the fact that the design ideas were beautiful and I think my general contractor was happy that the options were practical and "buildable".  I would highly recommend Barnett Architecture for the beauty of their designs, their project management, and their practical approach to design.

SP and Family

Madison, WI




Building a new, uniquely contemporary house on a very small lot (37' by 45') in a historical neighborhood is not an easy task for even the best of architects.  Todd Barnett and Sarah Canon have been up to this challenge.  It has involved staying on top of small details while remaining focused on the overall project.  Todd has been masterful at finding resolution to all of the small issues that inevitably pop up with this kind of project while keeping the overall project progressing forward.


Todd has also been a great collaborator.  His disposition, at all times, is to design a house that fits your needs and tastes.  He is interested in your ideas and understands that many home builders want to leave their own imprint on the house that they are trying to build.  To whatever degree you want to play a role in designing your house or addition Todd can calibrate his professional and personal skills in creating a partnership with you to get the job done.  This of course often requires a great deal of patience which Todd has in great reserves.


Todd Barnett is very good at his practice and is a great person to work with.  I whole heartily recommend him.

LL and BR

Madison, WI




Todd and l worked together on a unique project that has some very challenging aspects.   As a nervous first-time architect user, Todd made the process easy and often quite fun.  Todd likes his work and you can feel this upon first meeting.

He is engaging and flexible, likes collaborating, and holds high standards for his project. It is my pleasure to recommend Todd Barnett's work to you.


Cottage Grove, WI



The Downers Grove Friends Meeting contracted Todd to design and develop construction documents for a new meetinghouse of about 3,500 square feet to be built on property owned by the Friends.  The project included the design of the building, parking lot, approaches to the building, and landscaping to achieve our goals of a simple but esthetically pleasing building, ease of maintenance, accessibility, and costs within budget.   Todd had previously designed the meetinghouse for the Urbana (IL) Friends Meeting.   We felt his design was an excellent reflection of Urbana Friends goals and that he had a very good handle how Friends make decisions.


Todd was asked to work with the New Meetinghouse Committee in developing the project and on several occasions presented his work and exchanged ideas with the Meeting as a whole.  We have also selected a contractor for the project and asked Todd to work with him in order to keep costs within budget.


Todd has done an excellent job of developing a range of design ideas, working with Friends to draw out their reaction to those ideas, and devising new alternatives to more closely fit with our needs.  He has been sensitive to differences of opinions among Friends about the project and worked closely with us to resolve those differences.   We have had a lot of issues for Todd and have been quite pleased with his timely and thorough responses.  Where we have flip-flopped on decisions he’s been gracious and accommodating.  Where conflicts have arisen Todd has been open and proactive in addressing the issues in ways create win-win results.  He has shown a great deal of responsiveness, integrity and professionalism in these situations.   In short, he’s easy to work with.


We think his design will satisfy all our goals.

Mr. Bruce Wolfe, Treasurer and New Meetinghouse Committee Member

Downers Grove Meetinghouse

Downers Grove, IL




Our experience with Todd Barnett as our architect has been exemplary. Todd was responsible for all design work, including construction plans, coordinating with the interior designers and working with the landscapers. He worked alongside construction crews, providing any fine-tuning needed throughout the project. Todd was creative, compulsive, and thorough. He was always thoughtful and insightful when that was what was needed, and he was an always available resource during construction. The Wisconsin Fertility Institute has been held as a shining example of what medical facilities can and should be in the future; much of this is due to Todd's vision and work ethic.


We would have no reservations whatsoever in giving Todd full endorsements for future contracts and we will certainly use him in the planning and construction of future facilities for the Wisconsin Fertility Institute.

Dr. David Olive and Dr. Elizabeth Pritts

The Wisconsin Fertility Institute

Middleton, WI




When I decided to build a rural home on 80 acres of farmland near Argyle, Wisconsin, I consulted Todd Barnett, on recommendation of a good friend of mine. Todd was the architect, for extensive remodeling of his house and I was impressed with it. Todd and Sarah worked with me to select the exact site, position it to take full advantage of the views, draw up an open plan suiting my life style and meet guidelines according to “architecture in Sanskrit” (which requires appropriate location of rooms based on direction).  The house is almost completed and I am happy with the final result.


Both Todd and Sarah are experienced, knowledgeable, and prompt and have easy going personality which makes it easy to work with them. It was a pleasure to work with them and I have no hesitation in recommending them.


Madison, WI




“As the huge project of renovating our entire home is fast progressing toward completion, we wanted to drop you a line expressing our sincere appreciation of your very significant contributions.  Your imaginative architectural ideas have been exciting and also guided us in refining our own ideas to satisfy our personal needs and taste.


We greatly appreciate your endless patience with our changing minds, encouragement to express them, your lack of egocentric attitudes, and your working with us…it has been a very enjoyable experience”

JY and EY

Urbana, IL


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