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Private Residence

Madison, WI


The site for this new single-family home offered great potential and challenge alike. First, the site was just over thirty feet wide and allowed for no buildable area based on the zoning code; Second, it was located in Madison’s Historic Third Lake District which required approval for all work; Third, it was situated between a nineteenth-century house, a city park and a busy urban corridor.


The design incorporates a series of levels which respond to the grade and are anchored by a light well and central stair. The top level includes an away space and a deck. Circulation is kept to a minimum.


The architecture’s strong colors, clean details, materials and forms draw from the neighborhood. The green design includes daylighting, sun shades, radiant heating, a whole house fan and sustainable materials.


The permit process required reviews and approvals from the City of Madison Landmarks Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Parks Department, Engineering and Building Inspection.

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