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Having a range of interests is an important part of connecting with the world. For Todd, photography is one. Two of Todd’s favorite places to visit are the highlands of central Mexico and the backroads of the Midwest. For the highlands, it is for the color, beautiful architecture and warm people who embrace the land. For the backroads, it is for the palpable sense of history, hard work, and honesty of place.

Todd’s approach to photography draws on his rich experience of sketching in Europe during a study-abroad year in Versailles, France where composition, light and shadow were a constant focus. Critically, though, he strives to capture the moment in its simplicity without the overuse of applied technology.


Images were taken using a Canon Elph or Sony A6300..

Todd has exhibited his Mexico photography in the Midwest and the Midwest photography in Mexico.

The Iowa 2022 link shares images which formed the "Geometries and Views" exhibit at Impact Coffee in Decorah, Iowa.

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