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About Us

Barnett Architecture (BA) is a full-service, design-focused architectural practice which was established in 2007. BA’s philosophy is straightforward: Projects are meant to “fit” the client, not serve as a pedestal for the architect. BA does not employ a distinct architectural style but rather develops one with the client that reflects and respects the client, goals, site, budget and place in the community.

Although stylistic examples range from traditional to modern, all projects strive to create places that are well-built, facilitate their intended use and raise the spirit. BA seeks to create projects informed by a single clear idea or concept which guide and unify the overall design.

As part of a collaborative approach, BA employs the Charrette: an interactive design process wherein the client, architect, contractor, engineer and other parties (e.g. neighbors, users) are active participants. The design team strives to avoid preconceived notions and invites all to share what they believe the project should or should not be. Used to generate a range of ideas and reach a consensus, the Charrette can quickly confirm not only design direction but key issues such as goals, needs, schedule and budget.

BA believes in green design. This includes the use of green materials, energy-saving heating and cooling systems, super insulation and construction waste reduction. More importantly, it also includes approaching the overall design with proper building orientation, massing and size. We believe this is the foundation for green design. Green design experience extends beyond the mainstream to include solar hot water and photovoltaic systems, radiant heating and cooling, wind turbines and green roofs.

BA's practice, particularly for residential, embraces “universal design” and studies how a design may complement the changing needs of the building user. “Universal design” strives to create environments designed for people who are older, may have physical disabilities or would like to plan.

Services range from hourly consultations to the full architectural process. In the latter, projects are taken from programming and concept design to full building plans and construction administration.

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