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Synagogue Study


This study is for a new synagogue located a a potential property which features a busy county road to the west and dedicated wetlands to the east. Governmental regulations stipulate that the building entry must come from the south.


The design is anchored by the central portion of the building housing the worship space and the mikvah, the ritual bath. A large, open, flexible entry space is positioned south of the worship space to serve a variety of functions, namely, overflow seating, banquets, informal meetings and social gatherings. The functions north of the worship space include the kitchen, a children’s area and overnight guest suites. The mikvah features a private entry at the west and men’s and women’s’ changing rooms. The worship space faces east where the Torah scrolls are housed in a circular ark.


Outdoor spaces are integral to the design as a welcoming experience and provide space for outdoor gathering and religious holiday activities.


The architectural design—although in development—features a curving roof that opens to the east and the wetlands and to the west at the mikvah. The shape is meant to recall the form of the Torah when open. It simultaneously creates an open interior flooded with natural light from above.


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