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Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center

Madison, WI


This neighborhood landmark, constructed as a church in 1914, became the home of the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center (WWNC) in 1980.


The WMNC is a community-directed, non-profit organization concentrating on enhancing quality of life by fostering community building and partnerships. It further supports life-enriching programs that provide opportunities and services.


Services for this study included code review, programming, design and cost estimation. The design focused on four elements: First, to recreate the original sanctuary as the building “jewel” and a multiuse performance space; Second, to reconfigure the existing office and meeting spaces so they could serve as a post-performance gathering space; Third, to form a new preschool for the arts; And fourth, to create new entries.


The performance space includes a mezzanine while the new entry sequence is more welcoming and spacious.

A new corner entry at the existing bell tower leads to the performance space.

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