Ridgewood Swim Club

Madison, WI


This neighborhood swim club was built in the early 1960's and has been enormously popular for generations of families - expanding by two pools and other improvements over the ensuing decades.


Although the community had been  great steward, a master plan for key improvements was necessary to address long-term needs. This included new facilities for::


1. Combination Family/Lap/Competition Pool

2. Diving Vessel

3. Children's Wading Pool

4. Pool House

5. A Safer Drop-Off Area and Parking Lot


The new pool deck area is designed so that it creates large and small gathering spaces, flexibility for special events and provisions for All-City Swim Meets.


In addition, the pool house calls for an adaptive reuse for office, storage and snack facilities and a long needed open-air covered pavilion. The parking lot is reconfigured to provide for an accessible drop-off area and a safer circulation route for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.


The project is currently in design.

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