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Private Residence

Madison, WI


Th property for this commission was a rarity in Madison as it was a vacant parcel in an established neighborhood. Initial site challenges were 1) working with highly unusual front and rear yard zoning limitations due to unique property conditions and, 2) respecting the specimen trees identified by the owner, arborist, and landscape architect. No-build and disturbance zones were established for the trees. The design concept was based on bringing natural light to the home and affording views of the site and trees.


Living spaces are set along the south and west for the views with more utilitarian spaces set along the north and east, where views are not optimal. A corner entry is sheltered by a cantilever screen porch on the second floor. Public spaces are located at the end of the first-floor gallery/hall where the kitchen serves as the “hub.” The master bedroom and a pair of offices for the clients are upstairs. The offices are south facing and off a sitting area all having views to the trees.


The exterior is marked by simple roof forms with wide overhangs, a timeless and clean material mix of vertical board siding, trim and glass. The gray home is accented by a burnt orange entry door. The home is about the trees. The home is heated by a mix of radiant heat and forced air. An integrated water management design features future rain garden zones, a mix of guttered and un-guttered roofs and daylight piping to water the existing trees and new plantings.

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